Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Welcome to the newest version of Chelsea's Road to Recovery!! Due to unforeseen issues with Paypal the original fundraising page at has been closed. That hiccup hasn't dented the tenacity and strength of the Douthwaite family, nor of any of their supporters!

On this blog,, you can read Chelsea's story, learn about ALL, follow Chelsea's progress and most importantly help us reduce Angie and Simon's enormous burden of financial costs they will incur over the next couple of years.

So far, $7,505.00 has been raised and the Douthwaites are so extremely grateful for the generosity of their friends, family and of complete strangers who donated! Our goal is to reach $70,000CA by Chelsea's 5th birthday, which will also mark 2 years since Chelsea started treatment. Please click on Donate Now to find out how to donate.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, positive energy and generosity. Together, we will help Angie, Simon, Sophie and Chelsea through this journey.

Team Chelsea