Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Photos

The Douthwaite family had a wonderful Christmas even with part of it being spent in hospital.


Spreading Christmas Joy

Angie and Simon have had so many offers of alternative therapy: holistic/ religious healing by Muslim medicine men, Indian prayer sachets, Christian and Tao faith groups, Reiki therapy and the Catholic Church!
Most recently, 40 members of the church filled their flat to sing Christmas carols and pray!
They sang Frosty, Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bells and several other songs followed by Our Father and a Hail Mary for Chelsea. It made the Douthwaites Christmas so special. Check out the pictures below:

Gibraltar Fundraiser, a Huge Success!!

Here's an update from the organizer, Nina, of the fundraising event in Gibraltar:
"The Douthwaites have a large group of friends in Gibraltar and Alcaidesa (Spain). We have formed a Facebook group called Team Chelsea Gibraltar (feel free to join us!). On 6 December we arranged a fund-raiser at Nina’s house in Gibraltar in the form of an open house with £5 door cover. This was also the kickoff for our Christmas raffle with tickets sold by our group and previous members of Angie’s volleyball team in Gibraltar.

News of this event triggered a heart-warming reaction among Nina’s friends in Sweden, who donated a total of 14.390 SEK (13.907 HKD) – simply amazing!

Nina’s daughters Maya and Isa sold hand-made stones and shells and took on a challenge to see who could stand the longest on one leg. The winner got £20 to donate to Chelsea!

This evening, we raised a total of £374 and €95 (excluding the raffle). The profit from the raffle has been included in the total from our next fund-raiser, which took place on Boxing Day in Alcaidesa, Spain.”