Saturday, January 24, 2015

Keeping busy on her current hospital stay

Chelsea, all smiles! She is such a trooper!

Update from Simon

"Hi everyone. Little pic of my gorgeous girls at Christmas. Chelsea is feeling a bit better today - she's in hospital after an emergency which started on Tuesday - an infection of her chemo port causing a worrying high fever. When I left yesterday, her fever was under control and Chelsea was smiling and almost back to her normal wonderful, brave self. Angie has been in overnight and I'm about to head back to hospital this morning for my shift. We are hopeful she will not have to have surgery to remove the port. I've had no calls overnight so I'm assuming she is still doing well. Docs say we may be in for a 7 day stay. I know we are in your thoughts. That helps. We remain strong and positive and Chelsea is just an awesome little fighter. Much love from us all"