Thursday, October 16, 2014

More info on the triathlon fundraiser in Hong Kong

This is from Toby who will be competing in the triathlon:

Hi everyone. So recently I learned that a very good friend of mine has been given the sad news that one of his daughters has leukemia. She is undergoing treatment now and the full cost of the treatment is not nearly covered by their insurance. Therefore I am going to be competing in the Hong Kong international triathlon (Olympic distance) on 27th October '14 and trying to raise some money to help them through this difficult time. 
Rather than just looking for sponsorship for taking part, I'm uping the bet and asking you all to challenge me on how well I can do. This means that the more I suffer, the more you sponsor.
There are around 50 guys competing in my age group and what I'm proposing is that you agree to contribute 1usd (or pound or euro etc..) if I place 20th or lower in my age group. For each higher place that I achieve on the day I will ask for an extra dollar. That means a max of 20usd for first place (and let's be honest that's not gonna happen!!)
I promise that I'll do my part and give absolutely everything that I have to get Chelsea Douthwaite a good result. All you have to do is like this post or comment and I'll do the rest. Please get on board. Child leukemia is a terrible fight and we have do everything we can to help families going through it.


Another Fundraiser!!

We just got word that Angie and Simon's friends, Kimberley and Julie Ann, who live in Singapore are organizing the following fundraiser:
 The support continues to grow!!
Thank you ladies!!!