Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cousins Fundraiser in England

Chelsea's Aunt and Cousins, Daisy and Tilly, in England held a bake sale fundraiser for Chelsea.

Daisy's update and photos are below:

"We have had a bake sale to raise money for Chelsea. Tilly and I made: cupcakes (differently decorated), lemon drizzle cake, chocolate truffles, cheesecake, shortbread cookies and flapjack cakes. We raised £197.76 in English currency.
Mum spilt some truffles on the floor and they went on her, her socks, the radiator, the ceiling, the dog and the fridge door! Don't worry, we didn't sell any spilt ones!!"


Update from Simon

Update from Simon:

"All well! Chelsea is fantastic. We're just starting another heavy month of treatment, which will no doubt have it's ups and downs, but we are all coping really well and you have to see it to believe just how brave this little girl is when we go to hospital. She's been swimming again after 8 months and doing lots of normal kiddie stuff, which is utterly priceless, in a way I think it can only be after some pretty tough times. Long may it last! Love and thanks to you all from all of us! We're hanging in there!!"