Friday, August 28, 2015

Aunty Sara's Abseil Fundraiser Huge Success!!!

A note from Aunty Sara:

"I wanted to thank you personally for your donation - you have helped me and 'Team Chelsea' (5 friends!) to raise £4,296, which is about 10% of the total Simon and Angie need to cover Chelsea's treatment. 

I booked this abseil months ago, and had been trying really hard not to think about it. But as the day approached I was forced to - and I set up the funding page with trepidation. Before I knew it, donations started to come in, and with each one, a message, a name, a memory - many from long ago when I was Chelsea's age, and I started to feel excited and supported. All this love was coming from all over the world - for me, for my parents, and for Simon, Angie, Sophie and of course most of all, for Chelsea. We - the Douthwaites - are so very grateful to you all for that.

Here I am at 127m! I'd just gone over the edge, and they said, cheerfully "just stop there and smile for the camera"!!! I'm still not quite sure how I managed to follow that instruction! The abseil itself was both terrifying and amazing. Thankfully a friend had had the peace of mind to remind me to enjoy it, so with her words ringing in my ears, I managed to stop and look around - as you can see it was quite a view.

Chelsea has another year of treatment ahead of her - a much easier year, we hope. If you want to keep up-to-date with how she's doing, you can look at their blog, and - just in case you haven't seen my two girls' fundraising efforts, they are here
Thank you so much again, and please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.